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Work For Us

Choose where do you fit and email your CV with a cover letter to
  • A demo reel that can define your skill more than your CV.
  • 3+ Years of production experience
  • Possess solid knowledge in Hardsurface/Organic texturing.
  • Excellent understanding of 3D Modelling, UV Maps, Shaders and lighting.
  • Make the Art Lead, Supervisor, CEO and most importantly yourself happy with your work.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop. Brownie points for Zbrush knowledge
  • Have unimaginable creativity.
  • We use Autodesk Maya, so you gotta be good at it.
Terms of employment - 1 year contract
  • A strong portfolio that would want to make us hire you.
  • Creates a rough layout, including character animation blocking and camera movement, following the existing storyboard.
  • Creating and Refining camera movements, in accordance with the established storytelling guidelines.
  • Breakdown 2D storyboards into 3D animation shots.
  • Translates storyboards and animatics into polished frames.
  • 3+ Years of experience in laying out sequences.
  • Excellent notion of perspectives and camera positioning.
  • We use Autodesk Maya, so you gotta be good at it.
Terms of employment - 1 year contract
  • Schedule meetings at the request of the Production Manager and Leads. Proactively maintain the calendar with updates on deadlines and conflicts. Manage the schedules of key personnel as requested.
  • Work closely with Producer and Production Manager to provide updates on schedules and deliverables for all artist tasks as assigned.
  • Maintaining a database for tracking work progress
  • Taking notes in production meetings and distributing reports to the appropriate people.
  • 1-2 years of previous production experience working on an animated TV series, feature film, or video game production preferred.
  • Have good communication and organizing skills.
Terms of employment - 1 year contract

Meet the Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.
Rob Clark

Rob Clark


Captain and founder of this mighty ship Clartoons. When i am not working, i sail on the beautiful waters of Lake Ontario. Sailing with me is the perk you get for working for us!

Mandy_The Mascot


Studio Mascot

I welcome everyone, everyday with a warm tail wag. This way, i trick people to earn my treats! I deserve it, coz everyone here uses me as stress buster.

Rob stubbs

Rob stubbs

Layout Supervisor

I'm the other Rob in the office. I'm a Layout Supervisor and music man of the office.I enjoy all-you-can-eat sushi, and all things chocolate.


Yonas Kidane

Production Manager

My role at Clartoons is to support the team and ensure the smooth running of production from beginning to end. In my spare time I arguably do fun things grocery shopping :)


Pallavi Maruvada

Lead Texture/3D Artist

Art lead and the in-house grass expert! I'm considering horticulture as my second profession. I love dancing! You can't see... but I'm actually dancing as you're reading this!


Evgenii Zlochevskii


I build and update prop/character rigs, work with dynamics and simulations of all sorts. I am passionate about Scuba Diving, Space and Aerodynamics.



Storyboard revisionist

Pretty eccentric with a love for traditional animation, musicals & story telling. I enjoy working on comics & making cute stuff in my spare time.



Story Board /3D Layout Artist

I bring scripts to life in visual form. I like long walks on the beach, snow cones and browsing through old sears catalogues from the mid 1980's. I also enjoy art.


Gina Romo

Digital/Visual Designer&Animator

VFS Graduate, Mexican-born Artist. Loves Animation, Drawing, Ukuleles, Biking, SUP-ing and Swimming. I sell fanart at conventions under code name "The Flying Koala".

Ravjit Mudhar

Ravjit Mudhar

3D Modeler/Texture Artist

I bring designs to life with the skills of 3D modelling and texturing. Also, I enjoy basketball, lifting weights, video games and some other stuff.And i am the official gym trainer for the studio.

Saul Garcia Lanz

Saul Garcia Lanz


I work as 3D Character Animator, bringing life to the puppets : ) In my free time I like to roller skate on the city streets finding spots for taking pictures.


Harsha Chandriani

Layout artist

I am a layout artist here, super busy setting up the scenes.I have deep interests in advanced technology and works on AR & VR projects.


Prashanth Bhogaraju

Lead Animator

I help with layouts and take care of animation. Photography and tennis keeps me busy during my free time.

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